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Waiting for Inspiration
Recent Entries 
10th-Feb-2013 10:16 am - Praveen
Praveen’s a mind alive. His eyes light with imagination and his entire short body sways when he laughs. His soft voice flows rapidly as he explains a case or proposes an idea.
Praveen likes to play "let’s suppose" and he is eager to talk about the thought work of others. He delights in juxtaposing seemingly divergent things. An information scientist, he naturally loves to observe how people make choices.
When Praveen joined us late for day after Christmas crab feed, he and I stayed up talking shop. He explained the five ways he was training 200 new people to do basic intellectual work, which only humans, not machines, can do. Excited about ways to structure the research. Bringing in stories of other questions and findings people have made about how we learn.
He's a mind alive.
28th-Oct-2009 03:37 pm - challenge theme
Okay, so here's what we have to choose from for our poetry challenge themes:

- color
- costumes
- fairy tales
- political poems
- persona poems
- random key words

Vote for your favorite
21st-Oct-2009 08:47 pm - children's literature contest
Check out this fun new contest at Kidlit.com! Associate agent Mary Kole of
Andrea Brown Literary Agency is running her first query contest:

Attention, writers: Copy and paste your query as a comment [on the contest page]. Your query has to be for a children’s book (YA, MG or picturebook), it has to be for a manuscript that is FINISHED and could be sent out to an agent, and it must be under 500 words. To be clear, you have to either paste a query letter into the comments field (along with your other blog/Twitter information, per the Contest Rules) or email it to me by October 31st in order to qualify.

If you email your query to me (mary at kidlit dot com), please put “Contest” in the subject line, not “Query” because then it will be filtered into my slush. Once I have all entries, I will pick the most compelling query, dissect what makes it so awesome on the site AND award you the fabulous prize:

A critique of the first 30 pages of your manuscript!
19th-Oct-2009 06:47 pm - REVIVAL
So Yay Us! We've got four poets willing to play. That's a start.
Perhaps we can recruit some friends to pop in to vote, so it's not just us voting for each other...

In the meantime, anyone have a challenge suggestion?

I'm thinking we can do this old-school - throw out any ideas you have, we'll vote for our favorite, and then post the time frame, etc.
15th-Oct-2009 10:37 am - hello...?...hello?...
Anyone still reading this?

It seems I only write poetry any more when it's for a challenge, or a dare. I'd like to write more.

Anyone out there interested in a revival? Friendly, themed-poetry challenges for scores, winner takes all? No clunky membership rules, just writing and fun.

Lemme know...
5th-Mar-2009 04:27 pm - it's been a while
I've been sort of struggling with a definition poem.  any suggestions?


A long narrow hollow dug out from the ground, used in ancient times to denote boundaries, the reaches of a regime.  Used to separate dignitaries in castles from peasants in their kingdoms.  Used to separate, to protect from otherness.  The hollow may be built to resist encroachments from the sea. To protect us from nature.  The hollow may be used to hold. Sometimes water needs to be held for irrigation, to keep the plants from dying off.  To keep us from dying off.  Sometimes what is held is urine, not water.  See slang for urinal.  Sometimes the hollow is the small of her back where your hand likes to rest, gentle cavern, gentle touch.  Sometimes the hollow is the place you reach for deep inside of her at night.  Her hollowness, her cavern will separate you out as the other. It will not protect you from encroachment. 

20th-Sep-2008 12:26 pm - whispers in the dark?
I'm surprised that people still apply for membership here.

If you're interested in the community, please feel free to post at your own discretion!

If the activity picks up, then we can talk about membership.
23rd-Jul-2008 11:02 pm - open posting
21st-Jan-2008 04:00 pm(no subject)
Dear Readers:

Membership to Evidence0flife is now closed due to lack of activity. Please do not apply for membership at this time.

However, POSTING to Evidence0flife is currently open and un-moderated.

Do you have the will to write?
Write what you will.
19th-Jan-2008 09:35 pm - Application
Name: Patrick, pseudonym ibtrippen
Age: 23
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